Event title: Awareness raising on Project’s ambitions and engagement of target groups in the Health sector

Due to the innovative characteristics of the Intellectual Outputs, the partnership strongly believes that it is vital to introduce the Project’s ambitions and Outcomes to the Stakeholders in the Health sector. We have envisaged three (3) multiplier events, one (1) in the first semester of the Project (M7) and the two (2) at the end of Project’s cycle.

The aim of the first Multiplier Event, which comes right after the synthesis of a Final Report on current gap analysis and building of a common Occupational profile for DPOs in the Health sector, is to inform the stakeholders, health/medical associations, chambers, public authorities in data protection on the main objectives/ambitions of the GDPR4H Project with a scope:

  • to engage them in an early stage and
  • maximize their contribution during the upcoming period

We consider it of high importance to introduce our stakeholders to the Project’s “philosophy” and context from an early stage, making a clear point of the innovative character and importance of data protection in the sensitive area of Health.