Our partnership acknowledges the importance of Project’s intellectual outputs as major step towards the identification of an updated Skills Chart and Qualifications Profile for DPOs in Health sector and the VET provision in strong alignment with healthcare industry. With the findings and the skills needed for DPOs to perform under the GDPR context and EU “acquis” in the field of data protection policies can be prepared, offering the chance of multiplying the value of the Project in the labour market.

Within this framework, all Multiplier Events are going to be addressed to major stakeholders in the Health sector and potential beneficiaries. During the preparation of all events, effort is going to be given in order to attract:

  • key policy makers who are treated as multipliers to the public
  • leading companies in data protection that have the ability to dissipate into larger masses
  • experts
  • distinguished scientists
  • national data protection authorities
  • representatives of the Media
  • Social and sectoral bodies transferring information to their members


Duration of Multiplier Events: 2 days including workshop activities