Training Events

GDPR4H Project acknowledges the importance of a result driven and evidence-based approach. In this context, delivery of training to DPO’s is a crucial success factor for the successful outcome of the Project.

Three (3) Pilot Training of DPOs in Health sector will be organized in Germany, Greece and Romania.

Each Training Session will include 5 days of Training (30 hours) and will be delivered to 15 practitioners. Prior to the training session, a questionnaire will be developed which will be handed out to trainees towards the end of it to assess each participant’s impressions and personal experience of the training he/she has just received.  Answers given will be used to assess whether or not the particular session has succeeded in meeting its aims and whether or not any improvements can be made in future training.

No of Participants: 15

Duration (days): 5

After the completion of training session, our participants are expected

  • to experience better working conditions
  • to better understand the legalities and practical aspects of GDPR
  • to enhance their competitiveness in the labour market